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Relationships are meant to last. Unfortunately, though, money troubles, lack of trust, infidelity and merely growing into different individuals can bring conflict into a relationship, subsequently leading to its end. Therefore, individuals entering a relationship, as well as those who are ending one, whether married or not, need to carefully consider how best to proceed moving forward. There are probably a number of legal issues a couple in this situation must face, and failing to address them with one's best interests in mind can lead to an unwanted outcome.

Consider whether a non-marital agreement is right for you

Ending a marriage is not an easy process. Getting divorced can leave couples facing a number of family law issues. Amongst these matters are child custody, child support, property division and alimony. While these legal issues can be highly contested in a marriage dissolution, the fact of the matter is that they can also arise in the context of non-marital relationships. Nowadays, many couples are choosing to live together for years without tying the knot, which can make it challenging to legally divide their lives when their relationship sours.

Ways to render a prenuptial agreement invalid

Previously, this blog discussed prenuptial agreements and how they can prove beneficial to those who are seeking to protect their interests in the event of divorce. These documents can ensure that property division and spousal support matters are addressed in accordance with the parties' desires at the time of marriage. Yet, as many of us know, people and their wishes can change over the course of time. Therefore, when a couple decides to get divorce, one or both parties may suddenly find the terms of the agreement unfair. In these cases, it may be wise for an individual to consider whether he or she can find a way to invalidate the agreement.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of a prenuptial agreement?

Choosing to get married can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. While you are tying yourself emotionally to another person for what could conceivably be the rest of your life, you are also agreeing to share your financial lives. This means that assets and liabilities alike can become shared. This may be beneficial while you are married, but in the event that you divorce, you may get stuck with debts and lose a significant amount of money through the property division process.

Illinois firm offering an individualized approach to family law

Marriage is often referred to as "tying the knot." If that is the case, that it is fair to say that many Illinois and Indiana couples find that knot frayed and tangled when they try to untie it through divorce. Yes, marriage dissolution can be messy, as many individuals struggle to prevent emotions from guiding their decisions, but parties to a divorce need to stay calm and level-headed if they want to stand a chance of reaching an outcome that leaves them best prepared for their post-divorce life.

New tax plan could hurt those who pay alimony

Divorce can be an emotionally challenging event. Two individuals who have presumably loved each other suddenly determine that it is in their best interests to go their separate ways. Oftentimes, this comes after infidelity or emotional detachment, and other times money issues come into play. Yet, for all the emotional damage that can be caused by divorce, it can be equaled or even surpassed by the financial ramifications of divorce. Although many of the financial consequences can be negotiated or litigated, there may be change coming that is unavoidable.

What is paternity and why is it important?

When most people think of the major family law issues, think that they begin when divorce occurs. Yet, as many are aware, this is not always the case. Some family law issues, especially child custody and child support, can arise without a marriage even ever existing. However, in these instances, those who want to protect their legal rights may need to take a few extra steps.

How do Illinois courts determine spousal support?

We've spent a lot of time on this blog discussing the financial ramifications of divorce. Although marriage dissolution can certainly be costly, in some instances, the mere decision to get married can set the stage for potential financial hardship. This is especially true for those who, once married, choose to forego an education or career in order to take care of a family. For these individuals, divorce can leave them with inadequate income to maintain the standard of living to which they have grown accustomed, which may be unfair.

High-asset divorce ends with large payout

Marriage dissolution can affect an individual on many levels. Emotionally, he or she may feel cheated, devastated, disappointed or angry. Although these emotions can be more than enough to cope with, they can only be exacerbated by the potentially life-altering financial changes that can accompany them.

Child custody and parental relocation

When a divorce is finalized, parties may find themselves breathing a sigh of relief, and for good measure. Divorce, after all, marks a new beginning, and former spouses may be happy to put behind them the emotional pain they suffered during the marriage and the divorce process. They may also feel a weight lifted off of their shoulders, knowing that critical family law legal issues, such as property division and spousal support, have been settled. Despite the relief of initially handling those issues, though, an Illinois resident may find him or herself continuing to deal with divorce legal issues well after marriage dissolution.


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