Wills, Trusts And Estate Planning: Preserving Legacies

Our lawyers at Frankfort Law Group can advise you through the estate planning and probate issues. From our law offices in Frankfort, Illinois, we are ready to assist you in creating and formalizing any of the following that you need to complete your estate plan portfolio:

  • A will (simple or complex)
  • One or more trusts (as part of your will, or as standalone documents)
  • Powers of attorney (POAs) appropriate to your circumstances and goals, such as a durable power of attorney, a general power of attorney or a limited power of attorney
  • A health care directive (or living will), outlining what types of medical intervention you would or would not want in case of a crisis, and naming an agent who can make decisions for you if you are unable to speak for yourself

While helping you confront what can be difficult and personal processes, Frankfort Law Group provides invaluable assistance to guide you through all aspects of estate planning and probate. We present practical solutions to difficult problems in a manner that is both efficient and compassionate.

Our Approach: Your Way

We believe in providing our estate planning clients with close, personal attention throughout their plan’s development.

Working one-on-one with you will enable us to strategize and move carefully toward your goals. From simple wills to more complex drafting, we will ensure that your plan accurately matches your wishes for your estate. What’s more, our lawyers will team up with your professional advisers as needed, whether they be an accountant, a finance expert or a realtor, to see that you receive the protection you deserve for your assets.

Here To Advise You After A Death In The Family

Turn to our law firm for trustworthy guidance in settling an estate for a loved one or close friend. Call us before or after the date of death for personalized help through the steps ahead of you. We can also advise you if you are a business partner or creditor of someone who passed away, helping you stake a claim to any interest in the estate that is rightfully yours.

  • If you are the executor for a family member’s or friend’s estate, you can count on us to guide you confidently through the probate process, including the final distribution of assets to beneficiaries named in the will.
  • If you are a trustee, we will help you understand your rights and responsibilities in administering a trust.
  • If a loved one died without a will, we can help you to manage this intestate administration of an estate. We can help you or another appropriate person petition the probate court to be appointed as the executor, and we will then guide you through a lawful distribution of assets.


Our Illinois probate law attorneys also offer compassionate, competent legal services for guardianships of minors and incapacitated adults to protect your loved ones and their assets.

Get The Estate Planning And Probate Help That You Need

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