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April 2018 Archives

What is the Illinois Clean Slate program for child support?

Divorce can upend the financial stability that is often felt throughout a marriage. What was once a single household supported by two incomes suddenly becomes two households each supported by one income. This can make for a challenging adjustment, and many individuals find themselves facing economic uncertainty. This is especially true when children are involved. Although a child may be in the physical custody of one parent, the expectation is that both parents will contribute to the child's upbringing.

Overwhelmed with debt? Consider bankruptcy in 2018

Many Illinois and Indiana residents take pride in their ability to effectively manage their finances. This is why when they face financial difficulties they often choose to try to fight their way out of their hole rather than seek financial relief. Although, personal bankruptcy may be able to provide these individuals with a way out by giving them the fresh financial start they need.

The duties of an estate executor

We all have to make decisions at some point in life. Many of these decisions must be made when one engages in the estate planning process. After evaluating an individual's assets and debts, he or she must determine how to distribute them upon his or her death and whether there will be any contingencies attached to the passing down of wealth. Once an individual obtains a clear sense of this larger picture, he or she can begin to put together the legal documents necessary to carry out his or her vision.

Have a legal ally in your corner during personal bankruptcy

Facing financial challenges can be frightening. It often forces hardworking individuals to make financial decisions that hurt themselves and those they love. Your transportation, for example, may become unreliable, and one mechanical breakdown may put you in a position where you have to decide between fixing your car and paying your rent or mortgage. This is an overwhelmingly stressful situation and one that you should not have to face.

Traumatic brain injuries: Life impacts come with all cases

Protecting the head is something that many people do automatically. Football players and motorcyclists wear helmets. Construction workers wear hardhats. It is easy to understand why this is when you think about the scope of life impacts that can occur when a person has a brain injury.


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