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May 2018 Archives

Bankruptcy affects people of all walks of life

At one point or another, most Americans face some sort of financial hardship. Oftentimes this comes when an unexpected medical condition is suffered, a job is lost or some other major life change occurs. Although most people are aware of bankruptcy, they often neglect to consider it as a viable debt relief option. One reason is because of the stigma attached to bankruptcy. Another reason is that many believe that bankruptcy is a process that only benefits the wealthy.

Parental interference may justify child custody modification

Most Illinois and Indiana residents who are going through a divorce breathe a sigh of relief when the marriage dissolution process draws to an end. This is completely understandable. After all, many of these individuals face significant heartache and financial strain, let alone much time, negotiating and litigating the various family law issues that pertain to their unique situation. However, even when the dust settles following a divorce, certain problems may arise leading to justified legal action.

Prince's estate still stalled in probate

Depending on the situation, planning for the future can seem easy, but it is challenging to actually get started and complete. To many Illinois and Indiana residents, estate planning is something reserved for the wealthy. Although those who have significant assets do tend to engage in the estate planning process more often and more thoroughly, creating a competent plan is important for everyone. By looking at instances involving the well-known and wealthy, everyday people can obtain a clearer sense of the importance of having adequate legal protections for their estate and their heirs.

Consumer fraud: mortgage fraud and fake charities

Many Illinois and Indiana residents are likely to give little, if any, thought about consumer protection. After all, most of us enter various markets with the expectation that our identities and finances will be protected from scammers, thieves and those who use deceptive trade practices and misleading advertising. Although a lot of people have become familiar with identity theft, there are many other types of consumer fraud.


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