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June 2018 Archives

Many wait too long before filing for personal bankruptcy

Financial woes can strike people from all walks of life. The rich, middle-class and the working poor can all find themselves facing overwhelming debt that leaves them unable to make ends meet. Oftentimes, this financial struggle arises from the onset of unexpected costs, particularly medical expenses. Other times, individuals are suddenly left in a tough position when they suddenly lose their jobs or their income is significantly decreased in some other way.

How divorce can threaten retirement and financial well-being

Ending a marriage can be an emotional and messy process. If you've found yourself on this blog, then you are likely concerned about the ramifications of divorce. In reality, they can be quite extensive, especially when one's best interests are not fully represented. Although divorce can be emotional, and coming to an agreement or litigating child custody and child support matters can be draining, financial matters like property division usually have some of the most significant impact on one's life.

Estate planning for single parents is critical

Single parents face some uphill battles as they raise their children. There is one area where two facets of the law intersect for these parents. These are family law and estate planning. It is vital to have plans for children should parents pass away. Without proper plans in place, your children can face serious uncertainty.

The Frankfort Law Group competently handles consumer fraud cases

Consumer fraud is more common than many people realize. The truth of the matter, though, is that there are a number of scams and schemes designed to defraud innocent and unsuspecting individuals of their hard-earned money. Sometimes these scams are intentionally carried out by individual bad actors, but other times, businesses engage in unfair trade practices that are meant to deceive consumers. Either way, those who have been financially harmed through these bad acts want their money back.

Using trusts to address an heir's lack of prenuptial agreement

Oftentimes, there is crossover amongst areas of the law. A criminal charge, for example, may have a profound impact on family law matters like child custody. Since estate planning can encompass a wide swath of one's life, including business dealings and marital relationships, this type of crossover can be seen with some regularity when engaging in estate planning.

Chain referral and pyramid schemes in Illinois

Illinois and Indiana consumers should be able to participate in the marketplace without fear of being taken advantage of by others. This is why the law seeks to protect these consumers from fraud. Unfortunately, though, far too many individuals are unaware of the legal protections afforded to them. As a direct result, many individuals who are victims of consumer fraud suffer severe financial losses that could otherwise be recovered through legal action. In hopes of better informing individuals of their legal rights, this week we will look at one aspect of Illinois law.


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