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Consumer fraud is more common than many people realize. The truth of the matter, though, is that there are a number of scams and schemes designed to defraud innocent and unsuspecting individuals of their hard-earned money. Sometimes these scams are intentionally carried out by individual bad actors, but other times, businesses engage in unfair trade practices that are meant to deceive consumers. Either way, those who have been financially harmed through these bad acts want their money back.

The good news is that these fraud victims may be able to get back what they lost by taking legal action. To succeed on these claims, though, certain legal elements must be proven by a preponderance of the evidence. Those accused of defrauding consumers are usually represented by aggressive defense attorneys, too, meaning that a victim’s claims need to be backed by competent evidence and strong legal arguments that have a firm basis in the law.

The attorneys at the Frankfort Law Group are well-versed in the laws as they relate to consumer fraud. Our experienced legal team knows how to gather evidence to meet the legal elements that must be shown to succeed on these types of claims, and we are adept at identifying and preparing witnesses for testimony at trial, should the matter proceed that far. In the time leading up to trial, our skilled attorneys zealously advocate for their clients in settlement negotiations in hopes of reaching favorable outcomes without the time and costs associated with litigation.

These types of cases are very fact-specific, meaning that a cookie cutter legal approach will likely prove ineffective. Instead, victims need individualized legal strategies that further their best interests. With our proven record of success in this area of the law, we believe that we have the ability to provide our clients with the customized legal approach they need to find success. To learn more about us, our legal philosophies, and our services, please continue to browse our website.

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