Facing child custody or visitation issues? Help is available

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The marriage dissolution process is one that can be fraught with emotions. Property division can leave you feeling stressed out about your financial future, and so, too, can discussions regarding alimony. However, if you have children, then a significant amount of your focus will be on child custody and visitation arrangements. Although some Illinois and Indiana residents are able to resolve these issues in a fair and amicable way, others find themselves butting heads with their child’s other parent.

When addressing child custody and visitation issues, it is important to remember that a court will base its decision on the best interests of the child. Therefore, if domestic violence, substance abuse or financial strain have an effect on the child’s well-being, then a court may limit or eliminate the amount of time a child can spend in the household where those issues are present. This means that, regardless of which side of the dispute you are on, you need to be prepared to make strong legal arguments to support your position.

At the Frankfort Law Group, our attorneys possess extensive experience dealing with family law matters, including those pertaining to child custody and visitation. When we are unable to resolve these matters through negotiations, we are able to present compelling arguments to a judge because we know what the court looks for when making its determination on these issues. We work hard to gather evidence and witness accounts about pertinent events, and we know how to rebut arguments made by the other side, thereby strengthening your position.

In order to provide our clients with the best representation we can offer, we need to know the facts. Therefore, those who are interested in seeking an aggressive legal ally need to consider sitting down with a competent attorney, like those at our firm, to fully discuss the situation at hand. By doing so, many clients have found our services to be top-notch, helping them reach outcomes that they are satisfied with and that set their family up for success moving forward. Those who are interested in learning more about our firm can continue to explore our website.