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December 2018 Archives

Does Illinois family law allow a joint simplified dissolution?

The prevailing opinion of a divorce is that the couple will be in dispute over every single issue and the case will take extensive time to complete. While that is true in some cases, not all divorces are so acrimonious. Many couples simply determine that their family legal issues cannot be repaired and they are better served to move on. There is no major disagreement and they have decided to part ways as cleanly and quickly as possible. It is in these cases where a joint simplified dissolution might be the preferred option.

What warrants family legal issues with failure to support?

When there is an order for a former spouse to pay spousal support, a parent to pay child support or both in Illinois, it is a legal obligation for the supporting spouse to make the payments on time and in full. When these payments are not made, there is the likelihood that a non-paying spouse or parent will face charges of failure to support. Understanding the law and when there will be a failure to support charge is critical to dealing with these family legal issues.

What are consumer rights with debt collector communication?

When an Illinois resident is in debt and falls behind on the payments, it is to be expected that the creditors will make contact to try and collect. This can be the most overwhelming and intimidating aspects of the entire situation. However, debtors should remember their consumer rights against unfair debt collection and realize that if those rights are violated, the could have a legal claim for compensation. At the very least, they should assert federal law to protect themselves from various illegal acts on the part of creditors and debt collectors. Communication with the consumer is a key part of that.

Bankruptcy can help put an end to creditor harassment

No one intends to go into debt and not pay it off. Most people acquire debt in small amounts over time, always with the intention of paying it off in the future. Other times, people experience a catastrophic event, such as a medical emergency or a car crash, that leads to a sudden accumulation of major debt. Regardless of whether your situation is the result of one major problem or a slow trickle of credit card fees and financing costs, the reality of living with that is typically the same.

IRS proposal tempers concerns about estate tax implications

Illinois residents who have significant assets and are drafting estate planning documents will have various concerns about how their loved ones will be taxed should understand various strategies to protect their wealth. This is where wise and proactive estate planning comes in. When preparing an estate plan based on the current financial climate and how the government views its role in taxing citizens, it is also important to plan for years to come.


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