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Take stock of your estate planning needs

Estate planning is a priority that many adults tend to overlook simply because it isn't something that is likely to come up in thought very often. Unfortunately, failing to take the time to create one can spell disaster for your family members because they might not be cared for.

How can Chapter 13 bankruptcy help Indiana residents?

Financial challenges are nothing new to people in Indiana and across the nation. Given the current state of the economy and the difficult nature of government gridlock, people are increasingly finding themselves in need of assistance to get back on stronger financial ground. Filing for bankruptcy is frequently considered a last resort. People might think bankruptcy is an effort to avoid responsibility and not live up to their debts. However, once they understand that it is a legal strategy to obtain a better financial circumstance moving forward, they realize they can benefit from it. For those who want to stop foreclosure and stop repossession, Chapter 13 is the wisest step.

Family law issues require experienced Illinois legal help

When an Illinois couple gets married, the goal is that they will have a family and remain together to achieve a happy life. For many, this is the result and they enjoy their lives together battling through inevitable disputes and keeping their marriage intact. For others, however, the issues become too much, and they decide that a divorce is the best course of action. Some divorces are amicable, while others are contentious. Most end up somewhere in between.

A new year means a rise in family law issues and divorce

Many people throughout Illinois will view the new year as an opportunity for a fresh start. It can also include drastic changes, such as deciding to end a marriage. Whether it is a high asset divorce or one of more modest means, the foundation of a dispute can vary and spark one or both spouses to take the necessary steps to end the marriage. While family law issues are generally perceived to have no specific time and date at which they reach their apex, statistics show that certain times in the year have more divorces than others. January is one such time with "Divorce Day" part of the lexicon.

When will I get a discharge after filing for bankruptcy?

Financial challenges can impact anyone and Indiana residents who are experiencing these problems will frequently be unsure of what they can do to get into a better financial situation. While it might seem as if there is no way out, filing for bankruptcy is a viable and beneficial strategy to discharge a significant portion of debt or to even clear it completely. As with any legal issue, having a lawyer's advice is critical.

Meeting an infant's needs with your parenting plan

A parenting plan must take the child's age into account or it is bound to be unsuccessful. The needs of a teenager are much different from those of an infant. Having to go through a child custody issue with an infant isn't easy. The arrangement that you use for this will likely only work while the child is a baby.


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