A new year means a rise in family law issues and divorce

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Many people throughout Illinois will view the new year as an opportunity for a fresh start. It can also include drastic changes, such as deciding to end a marriage. Whether it is a high asset divorce or one of more modest means, the foundation of a dispute can vary and spark one or both spouses to take the necessary steps to end the marriage. While family law issues are generally perceived to have no specific time and date at which they reach their apex, statistics show that certain times in the year have more divorces than others. January is one such time with “Divorce Day” part of the lexicon.

This day is the first day in which everyone is back at work and resuming their normal routine after the holidays. People will frequently begin that day by contacting a legal professional to discuss a divorce. This rise in filings continues for the entire first month of every new year. People are believed to be hoping that a new year will be the ideal time to divorce and start over. There are several reasons why this is believed to be so. Since people are often involved in family gatherings from the end of November through the new year, it can bring lingering tensions to a boil and result in people deciding that they can no longer continue with the marriage. After the holidays, they will act on that feeling and move forward with a divorce proceeding.

There are factors that people who are even considering divorce must gauge before making that move. People might rush the process just to get it over with. This is a mistake as some marriages are not irretrievably broken and the disagreements can be worked through. Divorce is generally complicated. Although some cases involve people who are not interested in a long-term dispute and just want to get it over with, others have children, property and more that will need to be divided. Understanding the law is critical.

Having children is one of the most important factors to consider as support, visitation and more will be part of the process. The child’s best interests supersede the parents’. When there is a sudden request for a divorce, those who are on the receiving end of the papers should be calm and understand the value of legal advice of their own. Calling for help during a divorce is essential, regardless of the timing of the filing. A law firm that specializes in family law can expand on this advice and assist with a case.