Meeting an infant’s needs with your parenting plan

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A parenting plan must take the child’s age into account or it is bound to be unsuccessful. The needs of a teenager are much different from those of an infant. Having to go through a child custody issue with an infant isn’t easy. The arrangement that you use for this will likely only work while the child is a baby.

Several factors must be considered when you are trying to come up with a plan for an infant.

Parents’ schedules

Some parents don’t want to have to leave a young baby at a daycare. For this reason, parents should look at their schedules to determine when the baby will spend time with each one. If the infant does need to be left with a caregiver, the parents must decide if they will both use the same person. If they do, agreements about how the person will be paid must be made.


The nutritional needs of the baby are a primary concern for parents. Some infants are exclusively breastfed, which means that they will have to be close to their mother. Over time, this might change as the mother’s milk supply is established and she can pump to send milk with the baby to the father’s house.

If the baby is being fed formula or a combination of formula and breastmilk, there might not be a need to remain close to the mother all the time. You can always set up visits between the child and the father in a place where the mother can remain present just in case the baby needs to nurse during the visit.


When a baby has older siblings, their needs must be considered, too. The schedule may need to vary for the older children. However, parents might want to keep the kids together. This is one of those instances in which both adults will have to decide what is suitable for everyone involved.


Not being around the baby all the time means that you might miss out on some milestones, as will your ex. If possible, both parents should be willing to work together to share these important moments. Whether it comes in the forms of a text sharing the moment, a picture or a video, trying to let the other person know about what happened can go a long way toward the goal of being a parenting team.

Having everything outlined in a formal parenting plan can help with potential conflicts. As the baby grows, you can negotiate changes to the agreement so that it meets their needs throughout their childhood.