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What if a parent owing child or spousal support is unemployed?

For Illinois parents, one of the most important obligations they have after a divorce is to pay the child support or spousal support they owe. For the receiving parent, the payments are needed for upkeep and necessities. For various reasons, there are sometimes problems keeping up with the payments. One is if the parent who owes support is unemployed. This is a difficult circumstance, but the law addresses it directly. For the parent who is confronted with this issue and the parent who is supposed to be receiving the support payments, it is important to understand how this will be handled.

Child custody: Plan for when children manipulate parents

Children often fight back against what their parents say is best for them. Testing the boundaries is a normal part of being a kid. When their parents are divorced, there is a chance that they will take this to another level. They might try to play one parent against the other in an attempt to get their way.

After individual bankruptcy, can the discharge be revoked?

Financial challenges can impact people across the spectrum in Indiana. Those who seemingly have great jobs and are financially secure can be hurt by debt just as easily as people who have been caught up in the struggling economy. There can be medical crises, job loss and mistakes made with credit and purchases that contribute to the financial turmoil. One strategy that is perfectly legal and has helped many on the way back to financial health is filing for bankruptcy.

Should I fight my premarital agreement in a divorce dispute?

In many marriages in Illinois, the couple will have a premarital agreement - also referred to as a prenuptial agreement - before they get married. This is true in a high asset situation or one of more modest means. It is a protective device in the event of a divorce. Unfortunately, many marriages do end in divorce and the premarital agreement comes to the forefront. Often, however, many spouses who signed the agreement would like to have it declared null and void. Knowing when this is possible is critical in any dispute. When confronted with these difficult family law issues, legal help is essential.

Do you need to change how much child or spousal support you pay?

Divorce often has a lasting financial impact on those who use it to end their marriages. One of the most significant financial consequences of divorce is the requirement to pay either child support or spousal support, formerly referred to as alimony. When you have to pay support to your children or your ex, you lose a significant portion of each paycheck.

Bankruptcy could solve financial challenges in Indiana

Indiana residents who are confronted with financial challenges can find themselves in that circumstance for many reasons. These include medical debt, job loss, overspending on credit cards, marital problems and more. On top of the bills, creditor harassment is a never-ending cycle of phone calls, letters and messages that can multiply the stress a person's feels and will impact them negatively. Regardless of how a person got into the situation, it is important to know that they are not trapped and there are alternatives to get on stronger financial footing. Bankruptcy is one way to do that.


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