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May 2019 Archives

Search of late singer's home yields three holographic wills

Some individuals in Illinois might see news stories about relatives of famous or wealthy people engaged in an estate plan dispute, and they may think it does not apply to them. However, crafting estate planning documents is critical regardless of the circumstances. A prime example of why is exemplified with the estate of the late singer Aretha Franklin.

The many benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy

It's a common misconception that you have to be broke or earn an extremely low income in order to obtain relief through Chapter 13 bankruptcy. As you learn more, you may find that it's the best way to not only deal with your debt but to also improve your financial future.

Proposed changes to unfair debt collection law can impact debtors

For Indiana residents who are dealing with debt and have fallen behind in their payments, their worries go far beyond what they owe. They extend to the constant phone calls and notices in the mail with increasingly aggressive demands for payment. To shield these debtors, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) has been in place for nearly four decades and remained essentially unchanged. Now, the Trump administration is proposing an update to the law that can affect debtors in significant ways.

Chicago Cubs player and singer wife file for high asset divorce

Divorce in Chicago and throughout Illinois is difficult enough without it being discussed publicly. For some people, however, it cannot be avoided as they are well known public figures and have significant assets making it a high asset divorce. For this and other family legal issues, the dispute can be rancorous and difficult. To ensure that there is adequate protection as the case moves forward, it is vital for people who have major income and property understand the need for experienced legal assistance.

Illinois family law and a voluntary acknowledgment of parentage

There are some Illinois family law cases in which there is a dispute over paternity of a child at birth. Because paternity is a key factor in child support and visitation, it is important to understand how paternity can be established. Before having genetic tests to determine the identity of the biological father, it is possible to have a voluntary acknowledgment of parentage. When there is a disagreement about these key concerns, legal assistance is essential.

Family law issues if a supporting parent is not in Illinois

While most child support cases in Illinois will involve parents residing in the state, there are times when the supporting parent moves to another state or another country. Parents who are concerned about a parent who has moved out of state not making the necessary payments on time and in full might feel fear as to what can be done to collect those payments. They are often unaware of how the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act addresses these situations and goes about getting the payments. When this arises as a family law issue, having legal assistance is crucial.


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