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June 2019 Archives

What decisions can be made with a health care power of attorney?

In Illinois, a frequent concern for people who are crafting their estate plans and thinking about every possible eventuality is what they will do if they need another person to make health care decisions in their stead. This can be a difficult issue to come to grips with, but it is wise to be prepared for it. A health care power of attorney will let another person - an "agent" - make the decisions on the individual's behalf. This can encompass many parts of the health care process and, before granting someone this power, it is important to understand what it entails.

Have you thought of using a trust to improve your estate plan?

There are many ways to go about estate planning. Some people start with a single document, like a last will, and then build on this as their assets and families become more complex. Others choose to jump in with both feet and create an estate plan that addresses everything from incapacitation to guardianship for their children all at one time.

Filing for bankruptcy a byproduct of overwhelming student loans

Indiana debtors who have accrued hefty debt do so in many ways. There could be medical expenses, job loss and using credit cards to cover for lost wages, and mistakes in spending. Student loans are a major problem across the nation and, despite these debts generally being ineligible for dismissal or reduction through bankruptcy, that has not stopped people who are dealing with it to file anyway. This might seem to be a useless endeavor as the main idea behind bankruptcy is to clear debt, but it can be a strategic way to free up money to pay down the student loans. A recent study shows just how prevalent Chapter 7 bankruptcy has become for student loan debtors.

How is property division addressed in a simplified dissolution?

Illinois divorces that are contentious and involve a seemingly endless dispute get most of the attention and are among the biggest concerns of people who are considering moving forward with the end of a marriage. However, not all cases are rife with hard feelings and go on endlessly. For some couples, the pieces are in place for a relatively amicable parting of the ways. For those who are in such a circumstance, a joint simplified dissolution might be their best bet. There are many parts of this type of divorce and a key factor that should be understood is how property division is handled.

Protect yourself from unfair debt collection with legal help

People in Illinois who are facing significant debt have enough to think about as they seek to navigate their financial struggles without receiving an endless stream of calls from debt collectors, businesses and others seeking to collect. Behaviors such as harassment are illegal under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, but that does not stop these aggressive collectors and creditors from pushing the boundaries in trying to get payment. In these circumstances, legal assistance can be helpful to put a stop to it.


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