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Reality show couple's divorce dispute filed in Illinois

Most family law issues and cases in Illinois are kept private and people settle their dispute themselves or go to court to have it settled for them. This is a preferable scenario as public scrutiny can complicate the situation and result in the case taking more time and costing more money than would otherwise be necessary. If the participants were well-known as entertainers, politicians or other public figures, it is unavoidable that a divorce will enter the public sphere. The same is true for reality show cast members. This is especially troublesome if the reality show centered around a marriage.

Your fresh start after divorce might mean a move

A divorce is a fresh start for you. One thing that you might be ready to do is to leave the marital home so that you can truly start over. If you don't have children, you might find that it is easy to just pick up and go. If you do have children, things get a bit more complicated. It is imperative that you think about the little ones, even if they are teens now, when you are planning your next steps after the divorce.

In a dispute about parentage, is a temporary order possible?

Child support is a common source for dispute in Illinois, but many of the cases center around a couple that was married, has gotten a divorce and is in the process of determining how much the supporting parent will pay to the custodial parent. If the case involves unmarried couples and there is a disagreement or outright denial of paternity, it can be more complicated.

Know the key facts about Chapter 13 bankruptcy

There are many reasons Indiana residents find themselves in difficult financial straits. Whether it is medical expenses, losing a job, overextending on credit or other dramatic life changes, the stress from overwhelming debt and the endless phone calls from creditors can be frightening and worrisome. There are alternatives to eliminate debt and get on better financial footing, but it is wise to understand the details before taking the next step. For homeowners who want to retain their property and stop foreclosure, Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be useful. Knowing the basic details of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is crucial.

Statistics show family law issues spark summer divorces

Divorce is not a decision that Illinois residents take lightly. People who are having problems in their marriage will think about their alternatives, decide if the marriage is salvageable, factor in all the considerations and then determine what they should do. Ancillary concerns are also part of the process. While most people might be under the impression that family law issues will happen regardless of the time of year, studies indicate that summer is one of the times of year, when there is an increase in divorce filings. For those who have reached this point in their relationship, understanding the key factors in a case requires understanding family law options.


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