Reality show couple’s divorce dispute filed in Illinois

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Most family law issues and cases in Illinois are kept private and people settle their dispute themselves or go to court to have it settled for them. This is a preferable scenario as public scrutiny can complicate the situation and result in the case taking more time and costing more money than would otherwise be necessary. If the participants were well-known as entertainers, politicians or other public figures, it is unavoidable that a divorce will enter the public sphere. The same is true for reality show cast members. This is especially troublesome if the reality show centered around a marriage.

A couple who were part of the cast of the TLC network program 90 Day Fiancé is in the middle of a divorce. The show centers around people who have married a person from another country and are going through the process of living in the U.S. legally. The man in the relationship, 33, is from Illinois. His wife, 21, is from Mexico.

After slightly more than one year of marriage, a divorce petition was filed. The man works in real estate. She is an aspiring model. He wants to divide their marital assets and does not want to pay spousal support. He also expects her to pay her own attorney costs.

While a high or moderately high-profile divorce might seem to be more difficult than a private divorce, the basics of any family law case are generally similar. Spousal support, property division, custody, child support and other issues will come to the forefront depending on the circumstances of the marriage.

If one person is stay-at-home and the other works or owns a business, there will inevitably be complications regarding how the assets are divided and who will get or retain what property. Regardless of the type of case it is, having legal assistance is vital.

A man and woman who met in Mexico and married in the U.S. while taking part in a reality show are getting a divorce. The case is relatively public and there are issues in dispute such as property and support. As with any family law case, having a law firm that can assess the situation and help the client is critical. Calling for a consultation is important from the beginning.

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