Statistics show family law issues spark summer divorces

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Divorce is not a decision that Illinois residents take lightly. People who are having problems in their marriage will think about their alternatives, decide if the marriage is salvageable, factor in all the considerations and then determine what they should do. Ancillary concerns are also part of the process. While most people might be under the impression that family law issues will happen regardless of the time of year, studies indicate that summer is one of the times of year, when there is an increase in divorce filings. For those who have reached this point in their relationship, understanding the key factors in a case requires understanding family law options.

Experts say that summer can add to simmering tensions in a marriage. With children home and families taking vacations, marriages can be strained to their breaking point. People who were already thinking about a divorce will frequently take that step in the summer months. According to a 2016 study, the number of divorces rise in two months of the year: March and August. Because couples who are already in dispute are suddenly spending a greater amount of time together, the marriage can come apart. Some experts have also seen a rise in divorces when the kids head back to school in September. Then there is a lull and the numbers again increase with the new year. Thinking about divorce without preparing for the aftermath leaves many people vulnerable to a situation that is worse than it would have been had they simply stayed in the unhappy marriage.

Of course, trying to salvage a marriage can be beneficial, if it is possible. However, many marriages have gone beyond that and it is preferable to move on. Although it can be an emotional time, it is wise to think about the future with property division, support, custody and more when it comes to family law matters.