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April 2020 Archives

Know how the automatic stay benefits you during bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is a way that you can regain control of your finances. This is useful in many cases, such as if you have mounting medical bills, high credit card payments, job loss or a host of other reasons. While there are many benefits to filing, there is one that most benefits filers almost immediately after filing – the automatic stay.

Remember these points of your estate plan

One of the most important things that adults can do is make out their estate plan. This is a set of documents that's meant to help protect your loved ones when you pass away. There are several components that you need to think about when you're trying to determine what to do. Each of these has a different purpose.

Protect yourself when you divorce a narcissist

Divorce is complex even when your ex is mentally stable. When you're dealing with a person who's a narcissist, things can get even more difficult. It is imperative that you prepare yourself for this when you're going through the end of your marriage because they are going to try everything they can to get their way.


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