What should I do if a dog bites me in Illinois?

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2020 | Personal Injury |

One minute you spot a cute dog on your daily walk, then the next thing you know you experience a traumatic attack. The dog you were considering asking to pet pounced on you without warning. You start to question if the dog caught you looking and didn’t like that. The reality is you may never know why the dog chose to bite you out of nowhere. But no matter how unpredictable a dog’s behavior is, you are still undeserving of the pain that the attack has inflicted.

Fortunately, Illinois residents can seek compensation to recover from a dog bite — so long as your actions didn’t provoke the animal to act out. Ahead of filing, it’s essential to get medical attention, gather information and report the incident.

Get help

Having a medical professional look at your wound is important if you want to properly heal and receive damages after the attack. Dogs can pass along rabies or other infectious diseases, so going to see a doctor as soon as you can is crucial. That way you can have the wound cleaned, examined and stitched up, if necessary. Plus, any medical bills will help show exactly how much money you are hoping the other party will pay you back.

Gather proof

In fact, any proof of the damage the dog caused or of the attack will help with the claim process. Before leaving the scene of the accident, this should include getting contact information of the dog owner, so you can follow-up later with the dog’s vaccine history and their insurance information. And depending on how severe your injuries are, this can also include speaking with witnesses and getting their contact information and taking pictures of the scene and wound.

Report it

Just as you were undeserving of this attack, so are future victims. One way to help prevent the same dog from hurting another victim is by making appropriate authorities aware of the incident. Plus, a written record of the event can aid in building a case.

After getting medical statements and evidence of the attack, a personal injury attorney can help you compile everything and seek damages you deserve.