Illinois’ campaign to reduce fatalities on their roadways

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Motorists in Illinois and elsewhere are aware of the dangers of drunk driving and distracted driving. Nonetheless, these issues remain on roadways across the state and nation. In order to highlight the concern this negligent driving causes for the community at large, campaign will occur on the state and national level. The goal is to inform the general public of the grim facts and statistics related to these dangerous driving activities.

Illinois’ campaign to address fatal car accidents

Recently, the “Life or Death” campaign by the Illinois Department of Transportation received national recognition. This resulted in the campaign receiving an award that honors their communications work and their commitment to the safety and protection of the public.

This campaign began in 2018, and it was targeted for the reduction of injuries and deaths related to motor vehicle collisions involving motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians, promote seatbelt use and increase caution in work zones. The campaign also focused on the dangers related to impaired and distracted driving.

Highlighting fatalities in the state

The Illinois Department of Transportation recently had the campaign focus on fatal accidents occurring in the state. Television ads and other material in the campaign focus on actual stories of residents in the state that died in a motor vehicle accident. This not only highlights the realness of this concern in the state but also signifies the causes of these tragic accidents.

When a serious or fatal accident is caused by an intoxicated, distracted or negligent driver, it is important that victims and the loved ones of a deceased victim understand their rights. A civil action, such as a personal injury claim or wrongful death suit may be possible. This legal action not only helps establish cause and liability of the crash but can also help with the recovery of compensation to address the losses suffered by the accident.


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