A brief overview of dog bite laws in Illinois

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When someone in Will County is bitten by a dog, the effects can be devastating. Such injuries can lead to physical injuries, permanent disfigurement and emotional trauma. The following is a brief overview of dog bite laws in Illinois.

When are dog owners liable for their pet’s actions?

Under Illinois law, If a dog attacks or injures a person who is acting peaceful and is lawfully on the premises where the attack occurs, the dog owner may be liable in civil court for the injuries the dog bite victim suffered. This is strict liability, meaning that it does not need to be shown that the dog owner was negligent or careless, for example by having their dog unleashed. In addition, it need not be shown that the dog owner knew their pet had “vicious propensities” or that the dog had bitten someone in the past.

Time limits for dog bite cases

If you believe you have a dog bite case, you should not wait to long to act on it. This is due to something known as the “statute of limitations.” Basically, this is the time period a person has to file a claim in civil court. Once the time period runs out, a claim may no longer be filed. For personal injury cases in Illinois, including dog bite cases, the case must be filed within two years of the attack.

Do not be afraid to act following a dog bite

A dog bite can be a deeply traumatic experience. This post does not contain legal advice. Those in Will County who believe they have a dog bite case may want to discuss their concerns with a professional so they can make informed decisions moving forward.