What are social media red flags during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2021 | family law |

When you share custody with a spouse, odds are you want to stay as amicable as possible. You do not want to harm your ability to see your child, but are there red flags that might affect your spouse’s custody case?

Many people do not see social media as admissible evidence, but according to CoParenter, it is admissible.

Smearing you online

If your former spouse is smearing your reputation online, it is not necessarily going to end positively for him or her. When someone smears you online, it shows that he or she does not have self-control and may not have good judgment. When you raise a child, you need to show that you have the self-control necessary. The person who decides child custody is the judge. To lie about or smear a spouse online does not impress most judges. Judges do not want to see parents undermining one another. When one parent undermines the other, he or she risks having supervised visits only.

Threatening you online

Harassment and threats are serious. If your partner makes you feel afraid for your safety or your child’s safety, you should bring it before a judge as soon as possible. Otherwise, threats and harassment are still inappropriate. The judge will consider how the parent’s behavior affects the child. It is not in the child’s best interests to have a parent who cannot refrain from threatening or harassing another parent on social media.

Social media is admissible in court. Threats of violence or smear campaigns are valid pieces of evidence in a custody case.