Five ways your new car may already be damaged

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | consumer fraud |

Buying a new car for a Frankfort area resident is an exciting time. New cars are expensive so choosing the right car to buy can be a difficult decision. Everyone loves driving a new car. The new car smell, the clean interior, the perfect exterior are things every new car owner appreciates. But new car owners may not know that there can already be damage to their car before they drive it off the lot.

A new car consumer should assume that their car has already been damaged. It may be just a few scratches, but it could potentially be more serious. What are ways in which these cars are damaged?

  • Dealers may borrow new cars as a form of marketing.
  • Workers drive the vehicles on and off the auto carriers.
  • Car salespeople frequently rotate the inventory on their sales lot.
  • The new car may have undergone many test drives.
  • Manufacturers transport the vehicles across busy roads.

If a person believes they have a new car that did not have its damage disclosed to them they may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in consumer protection. An attorney understands that buying a new car is not an easy or cheap process and will investigate the circumstances surrounding their client’s complaint. They can hold the negligent party accountable for the damage and help their client receive the compensation that they deserve. It is important to hold these companies legally accountable so that others do not suffer the same fate.