South Side three-car pile-up injures several

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Unfortunately, we live in an area of the country with traffic “issues.” No matter how safe we are on the road, we cannot always avoid other people’s negligence. That is just a fact of driving on our roads and highways. Unfortunately, this is what several locals are dealing with after a Saturday night three-car pile-up.

The car accident

According to the Chicago Police Department, a 31-year-old local woman was traveling northbound on East 103rd Street Saturday evening. She allegedly failed to stop at a stop sign at the 300 block of East 103rd Street in Chicago’s Roseland neighborhood. She then impacted a Dodge Charger. The 31-year-old woman was ejected on impact, and the two cars collided into a third vehicle, a Kia Forte.

The injuries

The 31-year-old local woman that caused the accident was taken to the University of Chicago Hospital with life-threatening injuries. The driver of the Kia Forte was also transported to the University of Chicago Hospital, but they are listed in good condition. The passenger of the Kia Forte was apparently uninjured and refused treatment and transportation to the hospital by first responders. The passenger of the Charger was also taken to the University of Chicago Hospital in critical condition, but the driver fled the scene. The driver’s condition is unknown, but the car accident is still under investigation.

After a car accident

For Frankfort and Will County, Illinois, residents that are injured as a result of another’s negligence, like the negligence of the 31-year-old woman that seemingly caused this car accident, there are options. Specifically, a personal injury lawsuit can be the key to getting civil justice.

Through a personal injury lawsuit, the victims of another’s negligence can sue the negligent party that caused the accident. In that lawsuit, the victims can recover for their medical bills, car repairs and pain and suffering. Though, the key to getting justice is calling an attorney.

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