Intersection accident leaves bystander dead  

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An accident at a Chicago-area intersection left a bystander dead at the scene.

Authorities who investigated the accident said that the woman who died was struck by a as she was trying to cross the street.

At the time she was crossing the street, a passenger car traveling in one direction on the city road slammed into another passenger vehicle that was approaching from the opposite direction.

The force of the impact was likely what propelled one of the vehicles into the path of the pedestrian who died at the scene of the accident.

The three occupants in the vehicle that got hit had to be transported to a nearby hospital, where they were listed in fair condition. The extent and nature of their injuries is otherwise unknown.

The occupants of the other vehicle abandoned the car and fled on foot. Authorities are continuing to investigate this deadly accident.

Many motor vehicle accidents will require a thorough investigation

It’s pretty clear from this tragic story that an innocent person crossing an Illinois street lost her life. What is not so clear is exactly what happened to cause the collision that ended up killing one victim and leaving 3 other people with significant injuries.  In this case, an investigation may be key to deciding who should pay compensation to victims.

Additionally, while hopefully police will find the driver that left the scene, there is always a chance that they will not. Even if they do, there is no telling if the driver has adequate insurance if he or she winds up being responsible for this tragic accident.

All of the victims, including the grieving family of the woman who died, may have to consider whether they will need to file a claim for uninsured motor vehicle or underinsured motor vehicle benefits with their own insurance carrier.

Getting compensation after a serious motor vehicle accident is both important and potentially difficult. Victims of accidents in Will County should evaluate their legal options carefully.