How can motorists keep you safe when you are walking?

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Many of us in Will County like to take a daily walk. Walking is great for your health and can be a convenient way to get around if your destination is nearby and you would rather not drive. But, before you take to the road on foot, it is good to review pedestrian safety.

The facts on pedestrian safety

While walking is a nice way to get from point A to point B, the fact is that many motorists cause pedestrian accidents each year. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that in 2020, 6,516 pedestrians lost their lives in pedestrian accidents and approximately 55,000 pedestrians were injured in pedestrian accidents across the U.S. To put it another way, in 2020 one pedestrian died every 81 minutes in an auto-pedestrian accident.

Motorists can keep pedestrians safe

Motorists can take many steps to avoid causing a pedestrian accident. First, they should always practice pedestrian awareness and look out for pedestrians no matter where they are when driving. This is especially important when visibility is limited, for example at night or during bad weather conditions.

Motorists should be prepared to stop at all intersections with crosswalks, whether they plan on turning or going straight. Motorists should yield to a pedestrian’s right of way at crosswalks. Motorists should avoid passing other motorists stopped at a crosswalk.

Drunk driving should always be avoided, as an intoxicated motorist may not notice a pedestrian until it is too late. Motorists should avoid speeding or committing other traffic infractions. This is especially important if they are driving where children are present, as a child could unexpectedly dart out into traffic.

Safe driving can prevent pedestrian accidents

Ultimately, safe driving can go a long way in preventing pedestrian accidents. Still, there will always be negligent motorists who strike pedestrians. If you were injured in a pedestrian accident in Frankfort, you can reach out to a professional who can provide you with further information about Illinois law and pedestrian accidents.

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