Who is liable for dog-bite injuries?

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Dogs can make very good pets and many Illinois dog owners often consider them part of the family. However, they are still animals and have animal instincts. Like humans, different dogs have different personalities and some are more aggressive than others. There are times that dogs will attack people or bite them for various reasons.

Dog bites can cause serious injuries to the victims. Some people will need significant medical treatment to treat the injuries. They can be costly as well. The victims may want compensation for their damages since most of the time, if a dog bit someone, it was because they were given the opportunity by the owner.

Dog owners when their dogs bite people

Dog owners have a responsibility to control their dogs and ensure that they do not harm others. Because of this duty, if the owner knew their dog was vicious or dangerous and the dog bites someone, the owner could be automatically liable for the injuries. However, they may not be liable if the victim provoked the dog first, was committing a crime at the time or the dog was defending itself from physical harm or protecting its owner from physical harm.

Under Illinois law, vicious dogs are dogs that attack people without any provocation or dogs that have been deemed dangerous at least three times. Dangerous dogs are dogs that pose an imminent threat of serious bodily harm to people or ones that bite people without causing serious injuries.

It is important that dog owners in Illinois ensure that their dogs are not a danger to other people. If they show aggressive tendencies toward people, owners need to keep the dogs away from others. If they do not and the dog bites someone and causes serious injuries, the owner could be liable for compensating the victim for their injuries. Experienced attorneys understand how dog bites affect people and may be able to help victims receive what they deserve.