The impact of divorce on dads

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The impact of divorce affects every family member in different ways. While the focus of marital dissolution is largely on women and children, the impact on fathers is sometimes unfairly downplayed. That can lead to a lack of sympathy and support, making a challenging situation worse.

The Journal of Men’s Studies researched the impact of a marriage ending on fathers. Over time, men today have played a more significant role in the lives of their kids. When a marriage ends, they feel threatened and experience feelings of loss, whether those feelings are warranted or not. In addition, a good portion of divorced dads do not feel as respected as the mother. Feeling isolated can bring significant depression that could potentially lead to self-harm or suicide.

Identity crises

A report from 2009 saw nearly one-fifth of men having custody of their children. For them, divorce could mean significantly less time with their kids. An article in the Journal of Men’s Studies cites their status as the family provider in question, creating an identity crisis that results in them experiencing feelings of failure during an already uncertain and life-changing time.

Beyond a diminishing role in a split family dynamic, men can also feel abandoned by legal systems.

The stress of divorce can become overwhelming. Another article from the Journal of Men’s Studies claims that up to 80 percent of men feel the pressure of a marriage ending. Financial fears top the list of concerns. Depression can continue over months and years, resulting in anxiety disorders that see them continuously, if not pathologically worrying.

Divorce is a life-altering time that is difficult for men to overcome. While the pain can subside over time, the lasting effects could negatively impact their new and existing relationships.

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