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Traumatic brain injuries: Life impacts come with all cases

Protecting the head is something that many people do automatically. Football players and motorcyclists wear helmets. Construction workers wear hardhats. It is easy to understand why this is when you think about the scope of life impacts that can occur when a person has a brain injury.

7 key co-parenting tips

You and your spouse have lived in Frankfort all your lives. You starting dating in high school and got married not long after. Ten years later, you have two children together. You both work and you have been very successful.

Set the standards for your co-parenting relationship

Child custody cases are often a challenge for the parents. These cases put two adults who couldn't make a marriage or relationship work in a situation where they must find a way to get along. When you and your ex opt to co-parent, you might find that there are specific challenges that come up.

What to do when collectors won't stop calling you at work

It only takes a few missed days of work, a sudden illness or other unexpected expense to put you behind on your bills. Especially if you have credit cards, financed vehicles, personal loans or other monthly payments, a missing paycheck or an emergency expense can result in all kinds of issues. Once you miss a payment, you're hit with fees. Then, perhaps you're over the limit with that fee, so that's another fee. Even when fees aren't the problem, you may not have the money to catch up on what you owe.


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