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The biggest source of debt for a quarter of millennials

It is common for Indiana residents to hear about millennials dealing with student loan debt. However, what is not discussed as often is millennials and credit card debt. A study that was performed by Northwestern Mutual revealed that credit card debt is the biggest source of debt for a quarter of millennials. The majority of this debt comes from dining out and traveling.

Indiana Supreme Court clears landscaper of fraud charges

As anyone who has used local contractors to build or renovate a house knows, sometimes getting quality work for a fair price can be a daunting process. A homeowner in Wabash County found another hurdle: the state Supreme Court. In a recent decision, the court held that a small landscaping business was not covered by the state's home improvement fraud statute.

Truck driver sues candy maker over fraudulent labeling

Professional truck drivers must take required drug tests. The consequences of failing a drug test could be discipline in the form of lost driving time and a possible fine. In a twist on the usual tale, an Illinois-based driver has started a class action lawsuit against the maker of a gummy candy that is alleged to have been mislabeled.

Tinley Park agrees to settle water lawsuit

One of the most common transactions in city of Chicago and its suburbs is the billing and paying for water usage. These transactions are rarely questioned, and the bills are mostly paid on time and in full. That is, until a group of Tinley Park residents became suspicious of the amounts being charged by the municipal water authority and charged the city with consumer fraud.

How does federal law protect debtors' location information?

In Indiana, people who are in debt will often be pursued in many ways by creditors and debt collectors. The tactics these entities use will sometimes go right up to the line of legality and propriety. Oftentimes, they go over the line and violate federal law regulating consumer rights. When unfair debt collection practices take place, it is important to understand how the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act helps consumers.

Protect yourself from unfair debt collection with legal help

People in Illinois who are facing significant debt have enough to think about as they seek to navigate their financial struggles without receiving an endless stream of calls from debt collectors, businesses and others seeking to collect. Behaviors such as harassment are illegal under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, but that does not stop these aggressive collectors and creditors from pushing the boundaries in trying to get payment. In these circumstances, legal assistance can be helpful to put a stop to it.

Proposed changes to unfair debt collection law can impact debtors

For Indiana residents who are dealing with debt and have fallen behind in their payments, their worries go far beyond what they owe. They extend to the constant phone calls and notices in the mail with increasingly aggressive demands for payment. To shield these debtors, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) has been in place for nearly four decades and remained essentially unchanged. Now, the Trump administration is proposing an update to the law that can affect debtors in significant ways.

What are consumer rights with debt collector communication?

When an Illinois resident is in debt and falls behind on the payments, it is to be expected that the creditors will make contact to try and collect. This can be the most overwhelming and intimidating aspects of the entire situation. However, debtors should remember their consumer rights against unfair debt collection and realize that if those rights are violated, the could have a legal claim for compensation. At the very least, they should assert federal law to protect themselves from various illegal acts on the part of creditors and debt collectors. Communication with the consumer is a key part of that.

The Frankfort Law Group competently handles consumer fraud cases

Consumer fraud is more common than many people realize. The truth of the matter, though, is that there are a number of scams and schemes designed to defraud innocent and unsuspecting individuals of their hard-earned money. Sometimes these scams are intentionally carried out by individual bad actors, but other times, businesses engage in unfair trade practices that are meant to deceive consumers. Either way, those who have been financially harmed through these bad acts want their money back.

Chain referral and pyramid schemes in Illinois

Illinois and Indiana consumers should be able to participate in the marketplace without fear of being taken advantage of by others. This is why the law seeks to protect these consumers from fraud. Unfortunately, though, far too many individuals are unaware of the legal protections afforded to them. As a direct result, many individuals who are victims of consumer fraud suffer severe financial losses that could otherwise be recovered through legal action. In hopes of better informing individuals of their legal rights, this week we will look at one aspect of Illinois law.


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