Compensation After A Workplace Injury

Workers’ compensation is your right when you’ve been injured while engaged in work duties. Depending on the details of your case, you should have all medical treatment and related needs (such as medical equipment) paid for by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer. If you must take time off work, you should also receive benefits until doctors say you are ready to return to work.

How An Attorney Can Help

If you are hurt on the job, you have limited time to act to get your benefits in effect. In case of any disagreements over which doctor you can see, the remedies that may be available to you and the length of time during which you can receive benefits, contact a workers’ compensation law firm.

At Frankfort Law Group, our attorneys assist injured workers and their families through the challenges of recovering compensation. We can communicate with your employer on your behalf. We can fight for your rights if the workers’ compensation insurer tries to pay too little or stop paying too soon. If you are hurt on the job, call us for a for consultation so that we can begin protecting your rights.

If your on-the-job injury was caused by someone or any entity other than your employer, you may also be able to bring a third-party liability claim against the negligent party. As we handle personal injury cases too, we can help you with both your workers’ compensation claim and any third-party claim that you also have as an option.

What To Do After Your Injury

You should report your injury or diagnosis to your employer as soon as possible. Your employer should then help you arrange to get medical evaluation and treatment as necessary.

If you must get emergency treatment before notifying your employer, you still need to report this to your supervisor or a human resources representative as soon as possible.

Your employer will likely ask for periodic reports about the treatment you are receiving and the health care providers’ prognosis for you. With our law firm advising you, you can rest assured that we can help you through any glitches that may arise.

Get In Touch With Us Without Hesitation

Call for initial consultations and our representation is on a contingency basis. That is, if we recover compensation for you, our legal fees will be a percentage of the final payout that you receive. If we do not recover compensation for you, you will owe us no legal fees.

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