Wife of pro athlete files for divorce and seeks custody of child

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Divorce and other family law issues in Illinois are always complex and pockmarked with difficult terrain no matter the circumstances. When it is a high asset divorce involving people well-known in the community and across the country, it is even harder. Everyone, no matter their situation, needs help with the variety of family law matters that will inevitably come up. A recent case involving a professional baseball player exemplifies this point.

The wife of Addison Russell, the shortstop for the Chicago Cubs, has filed for divorce. This filing comes not long after allegations of domestic abuse came to light. The couple has been married for about a year-and-a-half. Mrs. Russell is seeking custody of their child, a son who is one-year-old, and would like support. The couple has been living separately.

Controversy surrounds this filing as Mr. Russell was the subject of an investigation by Major League Baseball into the possibility of abuse after Mrs. Russell’s friend wrote a post on social media saying that she had been abused by her husband. For her part, Mrs. Russell wrote an Instagram mentioning infidelity and other issues in the marriage. Mr. Russell denied the accusations. No criminal complaint was filed. Both parties are 23.

It is not unusual for professional athletes to have their personal problems played out publicly. Given the amount of money that athletes make today, these cases can have a great deal of property and assets at stake. Making things more difficult is when there are children involved. While Mr. Russell has yet to sign a contract worth millions, a player in the majors makes a great deal of money even when he is young. This can lead to an extended dispute that will be discussed in the media. For those involved in a case with substantial assets, having legal assistance for protection and advice is a wise strategy from start to finish.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Melisa Reidy-Russell files for divorce from Addison Russell,” Phil Thompson, June 21, 2017

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