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We help to decipher the bankruptcy process

Previously, this blog discussed how many Americans are struggling to pay off their credit card bills. This, when taken together with other debts, including medical expenses, income hardships from a lost job, reduced hours or decreased pay, can leave an individual in a dire financial situation. He or she may not know what to do to protect themselves and their family, and the pressure can rise when unrelenting creditors continue to hound him or her.

The types of claims in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Illinois residents who are facing financial difficulties may struggle to find a way to secure their financial future. Working overtime and additional jobs may not be enough to overcome their debts, leaving them fearful for their future. These individuals should take comfort, though, in the fact that debt relief options may be available to them. Depending on the circumstances at hand, the most effective of these options may be bankruptcy. However, before pursuing bankruptcy, an individual should understand the process as fully as possible.

What types of trusts can be created in an estate plan?

Estate planning is critical for anyone who hopes to pass assets to beneficiaries. Without an estate plan, one's possessions and cash may be distributed in a fashion that doesn't suit their desires. Yet, even those who know this truth find it difficult to proceed with planning. One reason is that they are afraid to think about passing on, but another reasons is because they are unfamiliar with what makes up an estate plan and how it can prove beneficial. This week we will look at trusts as part of the estate plan.

Child custody and parental relocation

When a divorce is finalized, parties may find themselves breathing a sigh of relief, and for good measure. Divorce, after all, marks a new beginning, and former spouses may be happy to put behind them the emotional pain they suffered during the marriage and the divorce process. They may also feel a weight lifted off of their shoulders, knowing that critical family law legal issues, such as property division and spousal support, have been settled. Despite the relief of initially handling those issues, though, an Illinois resident may find him or herself continuing to deal with divorce legal issues well after marriage dissolution.

Philip Seymour Hoffman's estate planning mistakes

Planning for death is difficult for most people, as very few of us want to think about our own mortality. Yet, planning for the distribution of your assets can be a great way to put your mind at ease and ensure that your beneficiaries are recipient to whatever property you want to leave to them. Without proper estate planning or errant planning, your estate could wind up facing delays, excessive costs and distribution that completely goes against your wishes.


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