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Illinois firm offering an individualized approach to family law

Marriage is often referred to as "tying the knot." If that is the case, that it is fair to say that many Illinois and Indiana couples find that knot frayed and tangled when they try to untie it through divorce. Yes, marriage dissolution can be messy, as many individuals struggle to prevent emotions from guiding their decisions, but parties to a divorce need to stay calm and level-headed if they want to stand a chance of reaching an outcome that leaves them best prepared for their post-divorce life.

Changes made to Chapter 13 bankruptcy processes

The procedures followed for successful bankruptcy discharge are dictated by federal law. As such, changes to the law can change the way an individual approaches his or her personal bankruptcy. Recent changes to the Chapter 13 bankruptcy code may provide additional benefits to debtors. Those considering seeking bankruptcy protection should familiarize themselves with these changes, ensuring they are taken advantage of throughout the process.

Set the standards for your co-parenting relationship

Child custody cases are often a challenge for the parents. These cases put two adults who couldn't make a marriage or relationship work in a situation where they must find a way to get along. When you and your ex opt to co-parent, you might find that there are specific challenges that come up.

Health proxy can play pivotal role in estate planning

We all make plans for the future. If you have ever engaged in or thought about estate planning, then you may think that it involves deciding how assets will be protected and distributed upon your death. While you're not incorrect in that form of thinking, estate planning can encompass a broader area. One major issue that should not be neglected in an estate plan is your healthcare. By creating certain health directives, you can ensure that your wishes regarding your medical care will be abided by when you are unable to make decisions on your own.

Some may unknowingly be pushed into certain types of bankruptcy

Debt is not the easiest thing to deal with. Most are aware that there are a variety of bankruptcy types and debt relief options available to them. Choosing the right path to pursue is wholly dependent upon one's circumstances and their desired outcome. This is why it is critically important that those who are facing overwhelming debt ensure that they are fully informed before taking any legal action.


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