Chicago Cubs player and singer wife file for high asset divorce

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Divorce in Chicago and throughout Illinois is difficult enough without it being discussed publicly. For some people, however, it cannot be avoided as they are well known public figures and have significant assets making it a high asset divorce. For this and other family legal issues, the dispute can be rancorous and difficult. To ensure that there is adequate protection as the case moves forward, it is vital for people who have major income and property understand the need for experienced legal assistance.

The Chicago Cubs utility player Ben Zobrist and his wife Julianna are in the middle of a family law case in two different states. Mrs. Zobrist filed for divorce in Illinois; Mr. Zobrist filed for a legal separation in Tennessee. She did not give a reason for her filing. In his, he makes an accusation that she engaged in “inappropriate marital conduct.” Mr. Zobrist is a veteran player for the Cubs and was a member of the 2016 World Series winner. Mrs. Zobrist has sung professionally and performed the national anthem at various events. Their marriage has lasted 14 years. They have three children. Mr. Zobrist was given a leave of absence from the team.

When a prominent and well-known couple gets a divorce, all the family legal issues that are part of any case will be viewed under a microscope. Public attention can exacerbate the situation and raise the level of the back and forth between the parties. People with major assets will be embroiled in disagreements over property division, custody, spousal support, child support, visitation rights and more. For anyone with a large portfolio and substantial income, a divorce is complex. This is especially true when there is a multi-state proceeding. Having legal assistance is imperative for the party that earns the larger income and the party that earns less.

Mr. and Mrs. Zobrist are popular figures in Chicago. With their divorce now entering the public sphere, it will complicate matters as they seek to sort it out. For those who are in a similar situation, it is important to know the value of having experienced legal advice to handle the case. A law firm that understands high asset family law is integral and should be contacted as soon as possible.