Tips for conflict resolution with a co-parent

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As a co-parent, you have to work closely with your ex to make decisions about the children. It is imperative during the times when you don’t agree to continue to work as a productive team. Having a few conflict resolution options for when you are in this position might help you to come to an agreement faster.

You must always put the children first. You can’t try to push for things just because they might make your ex’s life more difficult or your life a bit easier. Once you have carefully considered the options available and have found one that you feel is best, you can move forward with the negotiations.

Open your mind

Don’t go into a discussion with your ex with the thought that you are going to win the matter. Instead, go in with an open mind. Remember that your ex likely has your child’s best interests at heart, but might not see things exactly as you see them. If you aren’t sure why your ex is asking for the resolution they are, ask. Additionally, be willing to discuss your reasoning for what you feel is best.

Choose the right time

Disagreements should be handled at the right time. You don’t need to try to battle things out with your ex when the kids or anyone else is around. These are matters that are best handled in private. You also need to be careful not to pass messages back and forth with the kids. They shouldn’t be used as mini-messengers. Instead, always speak directly to your ex.

Remain calm

Things might get heated when you are talking to your ex. Make sure that you remain calm so that the discussion can remain productive. Getting upset might thwart your efforts of doing what is best for the kids. If you do find that your ex is doing everything possible to get you riled up, it might be best to take a step back and come back to the matter later when you both have a chance to calm down.

When you embark on a co-parenting relationship, make sure that you have everything outlined in the parenting plan. Having it written out can ensure that you know what to expect in the future and that you have a plan for what is going to happen with the kids. You can even include conflict resolution methods in the agreement.

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