Co-parenting strategies to help divorced exes

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2020 | family law |

When parents go through a divorce in Illinois, they should take time to process their pain. They also need to talk with their children to understand how they feel and to help them cope with the new situation. There are two co-parenting strategies that can help parents work through this process with the best interests of their children in mind.

After a messy divorce, it can be challenging for the ex-spouses to talk with each other peacefully. It may be tempting to use the child as a mailbox or messenger. This often has the unfortunate consequences of communication mixups and unfairly putting the child in the middle of the conflict. Co-parents should learn to communicate with each other directly in a respectful way. Using modern technology, like text and email, can be beneficial.

Many co-parents have to follow a court-ordered visitation schedule that comes along with custody arrangements after a divorce. Working to follow this as must as possible is usually in the children’s best interests. However, being flexible and open with the schedule can also benefit everyone involved. If a parent can give a little bit every now and then, it may be best to allow an occasional schedule change, especially if the kids can engage in an activity that they will enjoy.

Handling schedule fluctuations in a diplomatic way can help keep co-parents out of the courtroom. However, there are situations where court intervention may be necessary. A soon-to-be ex who has questions about child support, spousal support or other family law issues may want to speak with an attorney. Legal counsel could answer these questions and provide practical assistance, like arguing for a client’s fitness as a parent in court.

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