Can child support be modified?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | family law |

Modifying an existing child support order can be important for a variety of reasons. There are circumstances when a child support order may be modified and parents receiving and paying child support should both know when those situations are.

Obtaining a child support modification order

Child support may be modified in certain situations including:

  • If three years or greater has passed since the last child support order was issued;
  • If there has been a significant change in the needs of the child; or
  • If there has been a significant change in income for the parent paying child support.

To obtain a child support modification, the parent seeking the change will need to request a modification. The parents will need to continue to abide by the current child support order until any change is made official by the family law court.

Following a request to modify child support, a review will be conducted to verify the paying parent’s income, balances and other information. Child support payments may be increased or decreased based on the circumstances. There are certain types of information that will be required and time limits associated with providing that information that the parents should be familiar with.

Child support is important for the care and maintenance of the child. Parents may struggle to pay child support. Other parents may struggle to receive child support. It is important for parents facing any type of child support situation to be familiar with when and how a child support modification may be possible to provide the assistance the parent needed.