Help navigating child custody in Illinois

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Child custody can be particularly challenging to resolve. There are a host of factors that are used to determine child custody and it is helpful for parents to be familiar with what those are as they navigate the child custody process.

Help navigating child custody

Child custody factors are used to determine what child custody arrangement is in the best interests of the child. Those child custody factors include:

  • The child’s adjustment to their home, school and community;
  • The mental and physical health of those involved;
  • The ability of the parents to cooperate to make decisions and if the level of conflict between the parents will limit their ability to share decision-making;
  • Any prior agreement between the parents pertaining to decision-making for the child;
  • The level of participation of both parents in the past;
  • The willingness and ability of each of the parents to facilitate and encourage a close and continuing relationship between the child and the other parent;
  • The distance between the residences of the parents and the cost and difficulty of transporting the child, as well as the child’s daily schedule and the parent’s ability to cooperate in the arrangement;
  • The needs of the child;
  • Any physical violence or threat of physical violence directed at the child or any other domestic violence in the home;
  • If one parent is sex offender;
  • The wishes of the parents;
  • The wishes of the child, taking into account the child’s decision-making ability; and
  • Any other relevant factor.

Child custody is important for the child and their parents which is why it is important to understand. Knowing what factors will be used to determine child custody can help parents reach a child custody agreement that is best for the child.