Is it legal for debt collectors to contact family members?

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Illinois residents who owe sizable debt might worry about debt collectors contacting them. It’s possible to ignore the calls, but collectors could begin to contact the debtor’s family members. It’s important to know whether this is legal.

Why do debt collectors contact a debtor’s family members?

Debt collectors commonly try to first contact the person who owes the debt. If they are unable to reach the debtor, they will use other means to try to get in touch. Sometimes, that might include contacting the person’s family members. Although this might be viewed as creditor harassment, it’s legal for debt collectors to contact family members when they’ve been unsuccessful at reaching the debtor.

What are the limits on debt collectors’ contact with family members?

While it’s legal for debt collectors to call family members of a debtor, there are limitations to what they can discuss. Even if the person they contact is a spouse, collectors are prohibited from sharing any details about the debt. This is illegal, and a person could take legal action against any debt collector who does it.

It’s also against the law for debt collectors to threaten debtors or their family members. They cannot tell anyone that they’re working for a certain agency unless the family member they contact explicitly asks for that information.

How can debt collectors be stopped from contacting a debtor’s family members?

Creditor harassment can continue unless the debtor takes action. The easiest way to put a stop to debt collectors contacting family members is to pay back the debt if it’s feasible. Another option is writing a cease-and-desist letter to get the collector to stop contacting family members.

By law, collectors cannot harass or threaten family members. You have a right to report them if this has happened.

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