Are same-sex divorce rates rising?

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This blog often discusses family law issues, like divorce. And, one divorce topic that has periodically made headlines is the rise in same-sex divorce.

The marriage explosion

Prior to the legalization of marriage by the Supreme Court, same-sex marriage was legal in a few states. However, when it became broadly available, there was an explosion of same-sex marriages. People rushed to the alter, even those who, in hindsight, probably should have waited. They were swept up in the largess of the moment.

Divorce uptick, especially among women

However, with the marriage explosion now comes the divorce implosion, and the numbers show that lesbian couples are much more likely to divorce. Experts seem to agree that this may be based on the different dynamic lesbians find themselves in than their heterosexual counterparts. Indeed, in the past, many women did not seek divorce due to social stigma or the fear of violence. Neither generally, applies to lesbian couples, and the burdens of childcare seem to fall proportionally with lesbian couples, which is yet another reason why lesbians may find it easier to divorce.

Reasons for divorce

It should come as no surprise, but the reasons for same-sex divorce are often the same as heterosexual divorce. Growing apart, a loss of intimacy, etc. are all cited by both. Though, some divorcees say that there were simply no reasons to stay together once the relationship had run its course. They said that the pressure to stay together that is often felt by heterosexual couples is not felt by many same-sex couples, especially given that both spouses usually earn an income.

Same-sex divorce

For our Frankfort, Illinois, and Will County readers thinking about divorce, know that a same-sex and heterosexual divorce are the same. The law treats both spouses the same, regardless of gender.


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