Is there a way to make the transition during divorce easier?

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For divorcing spouses or those thinking about the possibility of a divorce, the transition from being married into the divorce process and then, into post-married life is scary. And, this is the same for both spouses. If both spouses are amicable, have good communication and are, generally, still friends, there is an option that can make the transition through divorce much easier.

Birdnesting and nesting

The terms, birdnesting and nesting, may paint a picture of bird watching or perhaps, an Easter activity. However, both terms actually refer to a way to amicably split. For couples who choose to nest, they keep the family home. Their children live there, but the parents move in and out. This is the opposite of how a divorce operates for children normally, where the child is shuttled back and forth from the parents’ two new places.

It makes the transition easier for the children

Nesting is most helpful for the kids because their lives remain the same. For them, a divorce is usually a traumatic event that completely uproots their lives, their school and their social structure. Though, for Will County, Illinois, couples who nest, the change the child will notice is they will only see one parent at a time. With counseling and nesting, most, if not all, of the negatives that can happen to children are eliminated.

It makes it easier on the adults as well

For adult Illinoisians, it can make the transition easier as well. First, the reduced stress on the kids helps ease their minds. Second, the shared living costs can help the bottom line, especially if they share an off-site apartment or have a shared living dwelling on property. Third, this shared living arraignment can help both couples save money.

Not for everyone

If you are getting a Will County, Illinois, divorce, it likely means that you no longer get along with your spouse. And, if that is the case, nesting is likely not a good solution, or if it is for financial reasons, it should only be used for a very short amount of time. Instead, nesting is really for those couples that are amicable, have good communication and can still be friends. It is for those couples that may still describe their ex as their best friend or that they make better friends than spouses.