How to spot a distracted driver

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Distracted driving continues to be a major contributor to motor vehicle accidents in Illinois. No matter how safely you drive, you cannot control other drivers on the road and may end up being the victim of a distracted driving accident.

Avoiding distracted drivers can help reduce your chance of an accident, but how do you know a driver is distracted? There are many ways you can spot a distracted driver.

Swerving or constantly braking

Most of us have encountered vehicles on the road that are driving erratically by constantly speeding up and then slowing down. This behavior usually comes with repeatedly hitting the brakes over and over.

These are major signs the driver is distracted. They are likely not paying attention to the road or the speed limit because their attention is focused elsewhere.

Eating and drinking

Eating, drinking or talking to other people in the vehicle are other signs of a distracted driver. If you see a driver eating or drinking something, this means they are taking their hands off the wheel, which is a distraction from driving.

Talking to someone else

A driver who is talking to another person, whether a child or another adult, is distracted. Although it is not illegal to speak with others in your vehicle, many drivers become overly focused on things like a misbehaving child or a conversation and their attention can quickly become diverted.

Trying to find a missing item

We’ve all lost or misplaced things while driving and want to find them right away. It is best to wait until you get to your destination, or pull over into a safe spot, to retrieve the missing item.

Drivers who try to find the item while driving end up taking their eyes off the road or shifting around, increasing the chance of a distracted driving accident.

Help for victims of distracted driving

Drunk driving is a very dangerous form of distracted driving, and any of this behavior could also be sign of a drunk driver. You should avoid the vehicle, even if you must pull over and wait for them to pass.

The aftermath of a distracted driving accident can be devastating. Treating your injuries could be costly, and you might be forced to miss work.

A personal injury action could help you recover compensation for these and other losses. Experienced attorneys know how to help build a successful personal injury case.

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