Viewing divorce as a transition in life

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When Illinois residents are facing major life decisions, they usually put in quite a bit of time thinking about the best path forward. Marriage and divorce definitely fall into this arena. Each is a major decision of course, but no one gets married thinking that the relationship might end in divorce. Divorce takes many people by surprise, and they aren’t prepared to deal with the changes it brings.

Transitioning through divorce

But, as a recent news article noted, moving through a divorce from an emotional or psychological standpoint can be seen as a step-by-step process – a transition from being in a committed relationship to being single again, perhaps for the first time in years or even decades.

Whether you are the one initiating the divorce or not, shock is probably one of the first steps – shock that the split is actually happening.

When the dust settles from the actual splitting up – perhaps moving into separate houses or apartments – things may seem like a blur. You may be adjusting to new routines or living spaces, or to temporary child custody arrangements, for example.

Eventually, you may feel loneliness begin to creep in, in addition to worrying about the legal proceedings.

Of course, how you decide to approach life after a divorce is finalized is entirely up to you. Getting the divorce behind you is probably the ultimate goal once the actual legal case begins. However, our readers in Illinois who find themselves in a divorce case should always make sure to protect their legal rights, even as they are protecting their emotions and psychological health.

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